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always choking on something

always choking on something

see, we’ve got all this information ambient sound natural light air conditioning junk food whole food sea food johnny b goode water cooler conversation modernisation nostalgia euralgia choices voices and we haven’t even started talking about smoking yet… no wonder we can’t stop choking. choking on tears on fears on laughter on happy ever after, never never land choking with a gun in hand even when the bomb’s been banned, choking on peace choking on war choking on anthrax mustard gas on zyklon b on history geography choking on each other’s religions, each other’s decisions like a man on a mission who’s always choking on something or something like that.

you can choke on your rags your riches
your scratch and your itches
choke on your first love
your succession of failures
everything you ever saw
comes dripping from your open jaw
the clothes all jumbled in the drawer
you smoke and joke and then we choke
always something
choking on something
your memories dreams and wishes
i choke in my sleep
when i get in too deep
i choke on my happiness
my pain
i wear a choker chain
i get rid of the mess
return to the best
but it always leaves a stain
like a lung spot
like dot to dot
so i remain
deaf dumb and blinded
by the reign of being, all seeing
all choking
always choking on one thing
on something or another
always choking on something.